Integrate with Clever

School and District My BrainPOP administrators can set up integration with Clever, simplifying teacher and student onboarding. With Clever, we offer rostering (automatically pre-provisioning all teachers, students, and classes into My BrainPOP), roster updates, and single sign-on.

If your school or district uses both Clever and BrainPOP already, you may have already been invited to our rostering app and our instant login apps.


Rostering App
Instant Login Apps
Clear Old Student Data
Frequently Asked Questions

Rostering App

This app is unique to BrainPOP and allows you to share rostering for the entire district, regardless of the type of subscription the schools have. It eliminates the need to share rostering data with three separate apps (BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP ELL.)

NOTE: The rostering app will not be seen by teachers and students and is not searchable through the Clever Dashboard. If you haven’t received an invite, get in touch with us at so we can send one out.

Once you’ve been invited to our rostering app, accept the invitation and share data for your schools.

Instant Login Apps

We have three instant login apps that can be requested through the Clever dashboard--BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP ELL. 

These are the apps that students and teachers will use to access their accounts. Make sure they are only being shared with schools that have access to the appropriate site. For example, if a school subscribes to only BrainPOP Jr., don’t share the BrainPOP or BrainPOP ELL apps with this school.

Clear Old Student Data

Before integrating with Clever, all previous student data must be cleared out from your school or district’s BrainPOP account. This includes student accounts, classes, and projects. Since we only collect a limited amount of student data, we cannot reliably match existing student accounts to the new method of single sign on. Clearing these accounts and starting fresh will allow for a seamless transition.

We’ll be happy to take care of this step on our end once we have secured your permission. Once the integration with Clever is complete, this step won’t have to be repeated in subsequent years.

If you need a detailed usage report before we clear student data, you can generate one using the  Admin Dashboard, or contact us to generate one for you.

We are able to match existing educator accounts by email address. This means that educator accounts should be left where they are so they have access to any mixed quizzes, concept maps, movie projects or coding projects they’ve created previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are teachers in my school/district already using My BrainPOP. When I set up the integration, can they continue using their existing My BrainPOP accounts, or do they need to create new ones via SSO?

When teachers who already have My BrainPOP accounts use the SSO app for the first time, their BrainPOP educator accounts will merge with Clever. They will not need to create new accounts.

Can I use Clever to roster BrainPOP classes without making teachers and students use the Clever portal?

Yes. Once you’ve integrated BrainPOP with Clever, you can create SSO links to bypass the Clever login portal.

How will preexisting educator accounts be affected when integrating with Clever?

There are somethings that will be cleared from educator accounts in order to successfully sync with Clever.

Things that will be cleared

  • Classes: Any classes that the teacher created before will be cleared and replaced with classes from Clever.
  • Students/Rostering: Along with classes, any students in those classes will be replaced by the rostering within Clever.
  • Assignments: Any assignments that have been built in our assignment builder or have been created through our site will be cleared and will have to be recreated.

Things that will stay

  • Mixed Quizzes: Any quiz that was created using our quiz mixer will stay with the account after being merged with Clever.
  • Students/Rostering: Along with classes, any students in those classes will be replaced by the rostering within Clever.
  • Teacher Created Artifacts: Any concept maps, movie projects, or coding projects that were created by the teacher will remain with the account after being merged with Clever.

Can I still use manually created BrainPOP classes with Clever?

No. Although you can’t use manually created BrainPOP classes with Clever SSO, your Clever administrator can create custom class sections in Clever that will appear in Clever and BrainPOP.

What about teachers that aren’t in our SIS (librarians, admins, etc.)? Can they log in through Clever?

If there are non-teacher staff that need to log in through Clever and aren’t in your district’s SIS, you can manually upload them to Clever directly as a teacher. Once the account is created and shared with our Clever apps, the teacher will be added during our nightly sync.

We are working with partner engineering on the ability to support syncing non-teachers with BrainPOP, but unfortunately we don't yet have a date it will be available.

Does BrainPOP offer co-teacher support?

No. If sections in Clever have more than one teacher, only the primary teacher will have access to the class. As an alternative, Clever admins can create duplicate classes with identical rosters by uploading custom sections through the Clever dashboard that will sync over to BrainPOP.

I’m having issues with my Clever account. Who can I talk to?

You can get in touch with the Clever support team by visiting the Clever Help Center.

How can a non-Clever student join one of my Clever classes?

  1. Go to My Classes.
  2. Select Manage Class.
  3. Select a class from the drop-down.
  4. Enter a Class Code in the corresponding field. (The class code must be 6 characters in length and contain at least one digit)
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Distribute the class code with the student(s) and have them join the class. You can find instructions for this in our Create Classes Help Center Article.

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