Student Notifications View

Students with My BrainPOP student accounts have a Notifications View that lets them know when they have messages from their teachers regarding assignments and feedback.

Students receive notifications for the following:

  • Reminders for upcoming assignment deadlines
  • Changes in due dates
  • Removal of due dates
  • Assigned work
  • Work that has been unassigned
  • Comments from the teacher
  • Scores on mixed quizzes

NOTE: Teachers can send feedback on open-ended work, such as Make-a-Movie and Make-a-Map. Students receive a notification alerting them that a teacher has submitted feedback. They can view the feedback by clicking the link within the notification.

To view notifications:

  1. Students log into their My BrainPOP student account.
  2. A red notification on the My BrainPOP tab and a prompt alerts students to the notification. 

  3. Students click the Notifications tab to view notifications from the teacher, such as feedback on their work or changes in a due date.
  4. For assignments with multiple parts, students can click the Assignments tab and click on an assignment to see all its items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do notifications stay on the notification tab?

Notifications are stored for three months, after which they are cleared from the student’s notification tab.

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