Educator Spreadsheet View

If you are a teacher with a My BrainPOP educator account, you can use Spreadsheet View to track student results and progress.

In Spreadsheet view, you can:

  • View submitted student work.
  • Filter data by date range, topic, or student.
  • Hide columns for a customized view.
  • Export grades to a CSV for record keeping.

To access Spreadsheet view:

  1. Log into your My BrainPOP educator account.
  2. Click My Classes.

  3. Select a class from the dropdown.
  4. Click Spreadsheet.

    Spreadsheet View displays initial scores by default. Click All Scores on the left side of the page for a complete history of students’ submissions.

    To export grades to a CSV file, click Export (CSV) on the right side of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I access Spreadsheet view on my phone?

Unfortunately, Spreadsheet view is not currently supported on phones. We recommend using on a desktop or tablet.

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