How to Subscribe

You can purchase a subscription to any BrainPOP website in our online store, or by sending us a completed order form with your purchase order or check attached.

Note: This article is about purchasing subscriptions to our website. To learn more about purchasing app subscriptions on mobile devices, see BrainPOP Mobile Apps.


Subscribing with a Credit Card
Requesting a Quote
Subscribing with a Purchase Order or Check
Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribing with a Credit Card

  1. Visit our online store.
  2. Choose where you plan to use BrainPOP and click Select.

  3. Select the BrainPOP sites to which you want to subscribe and click Pay by Credit/Debit Card.

    Note: Family and Homeschool Access subscriptions provide options for monthly or annual recurring payments.

  4. Enter your payment information in Checkout and click Complete Purchase. You will receive a confirmation email with your login information.

    Note: Family, Homeschool, and Classroom subscriptions paid for by credit card renew automatically. You can turn off automatic renewal at any time by going to Manage Subscription

Requesting a Quote

  • To request a quote for your district, fill out this form.
  • To request a quote for your school, fill out this form.

Subscribing with a Purchase Order or Check

To order a Classroom, School, or District subscription with a purchase order or check, complete the order form, attach your school or district purchase order or check, and use one of the following methods to send:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BrainPOP provide a sole source letter?

Yes. You can download this sole source provider letter from BrainPOP.

Where can I find BrainPOP's W-9 form?

This is where you can find our W-9 form.

Can I pay by wire transfer?

Contact us for information about submitting a payment by wire transfer.

Can I use a purchase order for a Family or Homeschool subscription?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept purchase orders for our Family or Homeschool subscriptions. To purchase, visit our online store and pay with a credit card.

My school can’t afford a subscription to BrainPOP. Can you help?

BrainPOP has worked with a number of reputable funding organizations that we encourage you to explore. If you are interested in applying for a grant, we offer grant writing support, research resources, as well as funding success stories to help you.

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